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Our Philosophy

Hi, my name is Scott and welcome to! We are a small, family-owned business out of Houston, Texas dedicated to helping our customers find their dream property. We specialize in raw land acquisition throughout the great state of Texas and the Southwestern United States. Whether you are buying or selling, you have come to the right place!

We founded from our passion for the great outdoors. We believe there is nothing better than getting away from the hustle and bustle to relax with Mother Nature and unwind. Our goal is to help our clients find their very own scenic slice of natural beauty.

We strive to create a one-stop, hassle-free land selling experience. Our team of experienced land traders is here to assist you in any way that we can. Quality and customer satisfaction drive our success. Contact us today to discuss your future land opportunities.


In-depth review of each and every property utilizing cutting-edge technology and in-person property walk-through. We step foot on every parcel to make sure what we work with is top-quality.

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Generational land trading experience passed down for two generations of Texas Land Traders and Ranchers. 

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Born and Raised Texans working locally in the Lone star state. We understand that owning land in Texas is much more than just a transaction, it’s a passion and we treat it as such. 

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Streamlined processes which allow us to not only remove the headaches from buying and selling real estate, but pass on cost-saving efficiencies onto our customers.

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Do you have land for sale? We want it. Get top-dollar for your property today. No realtors, no banks, no hassle.

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Browse our beautiful selection of properties for sale from vacation lots to farmland. We offer in-house financing and guide you through the buying process every step of the way.

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Have something you're looking for? Let us find it! Give us a call and let us do the searching for you!


Is land in Texas eligible for any sort of tax exemptions?

Yes! When you buy land in Texas, it's possible to qualify for a wildlife or agricultural and timber exemption. Such exemptions could potentially reduce your annual property taxes by thousands. These exemptions are given when your land is used for agriculture or pasture and grazing. Additionally, they may be given when your land is used to host timberland or wildlife preservation projects.

What's the difference between 'restricted' and 'unrestricted' land in Texas?

Typically, 'unrestricted' land is exempt from any of the regulatory authority of a homeowner's association that dictates the type of construction that's allowable on a property, including but not limited to: size, style, completion schedule, etc. Unrestricted land is ideal for placing a mobile or tiny home.

May I use my land as a way to write off expenses?

Yes! There is a clear financial advantage when buying land in Texas in that you can file for a Schedule F on your federal income taxes. This is reserved for those who use their land for farming purposes. When filed as a Schedule F, you can write off expenses accumulated by farming, including interest on any loan taken out to buy your land. Also, if choose to build on your property, you may be eligible to claim the interest on a construction loan on your federal income taxes.

How do I get electricity and utilities run to my property?

The short answer is to find out who the provider is in your area and contact them for an estimate. Most companies charge a per-foot rate to bring utilities to your property from the nearest source, these rates are often different per region and per provider.

Is there any kind of insurance that I am required to have on my land?

There is no insurance requirement on raw land except for instances of there being a structure present on the property or when you're looking to build a structure on your land.

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